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Do you have dogs that don’t get tired of barking? Worried that your neighbors will soon come barging in and complain about your dog’s noisy barking? If you are, then anti-bark dog collars are the solution to all your concerns. It's important to get the best bark collar you can get your hands on (this is our top pick) but most importantly the right collar for your dog and this is where we can help. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know as well as the top options for all dog sizes that we have carefully selected and reviewed for you.




Our Rating

Dogtra YS500 $$  9.7/10

MaKa Dog Barking Control

$$ 9.5/10
Naturepets No Bark Collar $$ 9.2/10
PetSafe Control Collar $$ 9.1/10
Dogtra YS300 $$$ 9.5/10
Advance No Bark Collar $$ 8.5/10

Set your dogs on the right track and teach them discipline by making use of a device that will help train their behavior. Whatever stages your dogs may be in, imposing proper discipline and providing adequate training is a must if you are to teach those proper manners and conduct.

When you have a noisy barking dog, take extra measures to help them overcome bad barking habits in no time with an effective anti-bark dog collar.

What We Think is The Best Bark Collar For Dogs?

Dogtra YS500

The Dogtra YS500 Collar is hands down one of the best bark collars in our opinion. We all love dogs, but let’s face it, constant barking gets on everybody’s nerves, and that includes the owner and all of your neighbors. Nobody wants to listen to any kind of dog barking their head off for hours on end, especially when people are trying to sleep. The YS500 Collar is a great pain free anti-barking solution for you and your dog.


The Dogtra YS500 because is voice activated. No, it is not your voice that will activate it, but the barking of your dog. As soon as your dog starts barking, it will turn on and begin vibrating, which is usually more than enough to make your dug shut his yap. This collar rotates through seven different intensity levels from a soft vibration to a really strong vibration.

So, if the first level is not enough to make your dog quit barking, the next levels surely will be. It is a really convenient option because you do not need any remote and you don’t need to constantly be pressing a button. It is also a good option because the YS500 does not zap or electrocute your dog like some of the harsher options out there. Also, this thing does come with an On/Off switch so you don’t even have to take it off when you don’t want it in use.

You are also going to appreciate the fact that it has a fairly long battery life, plus it can be easily recharged with the included cable. This collar even comes with an LED indicator to tell you when the battery is low and needs charging.

The Dogtra YS500 is totally waterproof for when your dog goes swimming or for those rainy days. Not to mention that the hard plastic casing is more than enough to keep it in one piece for years to come. Also, the receiver is too heavy, that combined with its size makes it great for medium and large dogs.


  • Pain free.
  • 7 different vibration levels.
  • On/off dial.
  • Good battery life.
  • LED battery indicator.
  • Water proof.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Ideal for medium and large dogs.
  • Self-activating


  • Not meant for smaller dogs.
  • Dogs with thick fur may not feel the vibrations.


The Dogtra YS500 is in our opinion a fantastic anti-barking collar to go with. It is extremely durable, water proof, and virtually impossible to break. There is also the fact that it is much more humane than a shock collar, it has great battery life, and any large dog will undoubtedly keep quiet with this thing on.

How safe are bark collars?

Bark collars are perfectly safe to use. There is no doubt about that. Most bark collars use vibration, sound, or light to get the message through to your dog. None of those things are painful in any way. Sure, a vibrating box on your neck might be a little annoying, but not painful, plus the whole point of them is to be slightly annoying. That is how your dog knows that it is time to stop barking.

There are some bark collars which use an electrical impulse, or a shock for a lack of a better word, which can definitely be painful. Yes, shock collars are a little painful, and some people definitely are not fans of them for humane reasons, but they still are not dangerous. As long as you don’t turn the collar to the highest level and zap your dog for half an hour straight, it is not going to cause any long lasting damage.

That being said, no-harm and pain free bark collars are becoming ever more popular because some people just don’t want to shock their dogs. This is of course more than understandable because at the end of the day you are inflicting pain, even if just a little bit, on a helpless animal. That being said, the shockers are usually more effective at making a dog quit what it is doing than a vibrating or beeping collar.

Are They Humane?

Modern bark collars are more than humane, especially because most strive to not cause any kind of pain to your pet. The vast majority of bark collars nowadays use sound, like, vibration, or a combination of all of the above to alert the dog that it is time to stop barking. None of those things cause pain, only minor irritation and annoyance, so yes, they are humane. The only kind of bark collar that may be a little inhuman is the shock variety. Some shock collars can deliver a real wallop and actually cause a fair amount of pain.

While some people do consider these to be a little inhumane, because they do cause a slight amount of pain, they are sometimes also a last resort option. Some bigger dogs with really thick fur simply do not respond to vibrations or noise. That being said, we would definitely recommend going any other way than a shock collar, unless that is without a doubt your only final option that you have not tried yet.

How to choose the best no-bark dog collar:

Consider your dog’s condition before purchasing any dog bark collar. In order to find the best collar that can go with your dogs here are a few points that you should be on the lookout for:

Types of anti-bark collar

There are three options that you can choose from concerning your no bark dog collar, most common type includes:

Vibrating collar

Just as the name suggests, these types of collars emit vibrating motions once they detect your dog’s barking. Similar to the mode of vibrations in cell phones, this type of collar causes your dog to receive warning signals that will motion them to stop barking.

Much has been said that this device is most effective for short haired dogs because there is a more direct contact with your dog’s skin.

Beeper collar

These collars make use of sound as a deterring agent that will encourage your dog to stop barking. It delivers a high-pitched beep that is made to bring minor discomfort to your dog’s hearing. This will serve as a distraction for your dog that will keep them from barking continuously.

Shock collar

These devices make use of a mild electrical shock once they detect a barking sound. Oftentimes, these devices begin with a mild shock that gradually increases as the dog continues to bark. It serves as a reminder for your dog to stop barking.

Citronella Collar

The citronella collar will automatically recognize when your dog barks, and will then spray citronella out in front of the dog’s nose. The harsh smell will immediately make the dog stop barking. It is actually a fairly effective anti-barking tool.

The problem is that you will have a dog the perpetually smells like citronella, plus the canisters will need to be refilled as well. There is also some debate about whether or not the citronella inhibits a dog’s usual sense of smell, and even if it hurts the dog’s nose or not. Remember, dogs have noses that are hundreds of times more powerful and sensitive than a human nose.

Bark collar features

Power supply

Before buying consider the source of power of your dog’s anti-bark collar. Do you prefer the rechargeable type of devices or can you settle for the standard replaceable battery type of devices? Weigh in also the length/ time duration that your dog can use the device.

How sensitive is the device?

Will it create warning signals once your dog growls or should it be limited to barking noises?

Intensity levels

How many levels does the anti-bark collar have in terms of the vibration that can be applied? The device must have an adjustable intensity level so as to suit your dog well so as not to cause any possible harm or damage for your dogs.

Size of your dog

What’s the size of your dog? Decision basis should include the age and physical condition of your dog as well.

Other features

Does it have a timer system? Does it have a bark odometer?

One thing that sets apart a dog bark collar is that you don’t need to be present all the time in order to teach your dog to stop barking. This is what no bark dog collars are made for: to train and discipline them without much need for one on one guidance. All of these are crucial points in order to find the best bark collar in the market that will suit your beloved dogs.

Things to consider before buying an anti-bark dog collar

Before purchasing a dog collar here are a few points that you should take into consideration:

  • Comfortable to wear. What is the texture or material used in the collar? Choose a collar that your dog can be comfortable to wear most of the time. No collar will be able to serve its purpose if your dog cannot stand using the collar.
  • Consider your dog’s temperament. Every dog will have a unique response to certain stimuli. Depending on your dog’s temperament, it will either have a positive or no response to the stimulus the collar delivers.
  • Consider the external factors. The type of device you use on your dog should always complement your dog’s age, breed and environment.
  • Objective product reviews online. Read the positive and the critical reviews of a certain brand that you’re planning to choose and make sure to look for an objective insight into the product’s functionality and effectiveness.
  • Compare all the prices available online, look into local pet shops and consider asking your dog’s vet to find the cheapest, most effective option available for you.

9 Other Options To Consider: Our Reviews

1. MaKa Dog Training Collar

The MaKa Training Collar is the perfect solution to all of your dog related problems. If you live in the city, or if you just hate barking, you should definitely check this thing out. Training your dog can be hard in general, but getting it to stop barking can be a total nightmare, especially if you have lots of neighbors. We all want a well-trained dog who doesn’t bark all day long, which is why the MaKa Dog Training Collar is here to help.


One of the best feature of the MaKa Collar by far is that it is extremely durable. The strap is made out of tough nylon that is not going to rip, shred, or fray any time soon. Moreover, the actual mechanism is housed inside of thick plastic case. Even if you drop this thing into a lake, it still won’t break, which is useful for walking in the rain and for dogs that like to swim.

Something that everyone can appreciate about this thing is that it is not a general shock collar. Many people use shock collars and yes they can be quite effective. However, some people have an issue with zapping their puppy dogs, which makes this collar the ideal solution. This thing uses a series of vibrations and beeping noises to get the job done.

It has over 7 different levels of vibration as well as different beep patterns to get the message through to your dog. Some dogs may only need a low level of vibration to realize that they should stop barking, while others may need a little more convincing.

The MaKa Training Collar is meant for smaller and medium sized dogs, and thanks to the adjustable collar it can fit virtually any dog. That being said, it is not ideal for very large dogs. What is really neat about this collar is that it does not require a remote. It has an intuitive sensor which recognizes your dog’s bark, at which time it will turn on. When your dog stops barking it will turn off. It really could not be any easier.


  • Adjustable strap.
  • Very durable.
  • Water proof.
  • Intuitive function.
  • No remote required.
  • Fairly long battery life.
  • Ideal for smaller and medium sized dogs.


  • Will not fit very large dogs.
  • May not provide enough motivation for stubborn animals.
  • Some dogs may ignore it.


This is a fairly effective barking collar option to go with. It is very strong and durable, plus water proof too, so there is no worrying about breaking it. Moreover, the intuitive hands free design eliminates all of the work on your part. The only downside to the MaKa Dog Training Collar is that it might be a little too weak to make large dogs with thick fur stop barking all together.

2. Bark Solution Collar (Rechargeable and Rainproof)


The Bark Solution collar comes equipped with four different modes, each of which are proven to make your dog stop barking. It comes with a vibration mode, electric shock mode, a beeping mode, and a flashing light mode. The vibration and electric shock modes come in a total of 100 different strengths and levels. You can choose between any of these, one of which is bound to get through to your dog.

This is a great barking collar because it can fit any dog between 15 and 100 pounds with ease, making it the ideal solution for the majority of dogs out there. It also is not too heavy or bulky so it won’t disturb your dog too much either. This thing is also water proof, so you know it won’t break in the rain or if your dog decides to hop in a puddle.

Furthermore, this collar is very easy to recharge. Simply plug the charging cable into the remote control as well as the receiver in order to load it. This thing can last for hours on end and only takes mere minutes to fully charge. The battery is also power saving in order to ensure a very long battery life.

We like the fact that the remote can control the collar from a really far distance. Also, the LCD screen and the easy to press buttons make it very user friendly so everyone can use it with ease. The LCD display is also backlit for easy night time usage as well. The remote control itself is ergonomically designed so that it is easy to hold while you are walking your dog, and easy to pick up quickly when you are in your home. What is also pretty neat is that it has a light assist mode for seeing eye dogs when walking in the night.


  • Very long battery life.
  • Easy to recharge.
  • 4 different bark control options.
  • Perfect for nighttime use.
  • Provides assistance for seeing eye dogs.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • User friendly remote control.
  • Fits most dogs.
  • Water proof.


  • Not ideal for dogs more than 100 pounds.
  • May experience minor technical issues.


All in all, the Bark Solution Collar is a fantastic option to go with. With four different modes and over 100 different settings, you are sure to find a way to get your dog to stay quiet. This thing is very strong and rugged, it is water proof, and it fits virtually any dog. Not to mention that it is very easy and convenient to use as well.

3. Naturepets No Bark Collar

Are you tired of listening to your dog bark at squirrels, cars, and everything else that moves all day long? Or maybe it is your neighbors that are getting really fed up with the constant commotion. Either way, the No Bark Collar By Naturepets is the perfect way to get rid of all that noise. The No Bark Collar By Naturepets is a harm free barking solution so you can enjoy your peace and quiet.


Without a doubt, the best feature of this particular collar is that you don’t have to do any work. Many barking and shock collars out there require you to constantly hold a remote and press the button whenever your dog barks. That is of course not ideal. The No Bark Collar has special sensors which recognize your dog’s bark, at which point it will turn on and make your dog stop barking.

Don’t worry though, because this is a no harm collar, which means that it goes through levels of vibration instead of giving your dog a powerful shock which can be painful. This thing actually progresses through seven different levels of vibration when your dog starts barking.

It goes from a light vibration all the way through the stages to a pretty hard vibration. In case your dog simply ignores the vibrations at first, the collar will shut off for one minute before restarting the vibrations, which is of course for the safety and comfort of your pet.

This is also a really good barking collar option to go with because it fits virtually any dog. As long as the dog in question is between 18 and 120 pounds, this collar will definitely fit it. The collar itself has a very tough strap that is not going to fray, plus the electrical components are secure inside of a plastic housing. This makes the No Bark Collar virtually indestructible as well as water resistant too.


  • Very rugged.
  • Water resistant.
  • Harm free – pain free.
  • No remote required.
  • Fits most smaller and medium sized dogs.
  • Decent battery life.
  • Various levels of vibration.


  • Only vibrates.
  • Water resistant, not water proof.
  • Will not fit oversized dogs.


When it comes down to it, this is a great solution for a dog that just will not stop barking. This thing has the power to keep your dog quiet without actually hurting it. Moreover, this thing is very durable, water resistant, and can even be dropped without breaking. You will really like the fact that you don’t even need to use a remote to see its effects.

4. SportDOG No Bark Collar

This is an extremely durable and effective collar which definitely helps to keep your big old puppy dog quiet when it counts.


Something that you will like about this particular collar is that it has automatic voice recognition. This means that it will only turn on and correct your dog when it feels the vibrations of your dog’s vocal cords in combination with its bark. Moreover, it also will not activate due to outside noise or the barking of other dogs. This is great because dogs can get confused easily, so not being activated due to outside noise is a key factor here.

Moreover, you will like the SportDOG collar because it works on its own. What we mean is that you don’t need a remote trigger to operate it. It performs the corrections without needing you to constantly have the remote in hand to press the button.

This is also a great bark collar because it is extremely durable. The whole thing is encased in a solid plastic box which can withstand some pretty serious falls and punishment. Even better is that it is totally water proof and can also be submersed up to 25 feet under water without risk of breaking. This is convenient for anybody who has a dog that loves to swim and be outside in the rain.

The SportDOG will stop your dog from barking by delivering them a little static shock. There are 10 different levels of static shocks, each of which is progressively stronger than the last. For your dog’s safety, if it barks more than 15 times in 50 seconds, the SportDOG No Bark Collar will automatically shut off for 3 minutes before reactivating. There is also the fact that this thing operates with a rechargeable battery, which is definitely a big bonus.


  • Very effective dog training collar.
  • Very rugged and water proof.
  • Progressive static shocks.
  • Ideal for medium and large dogs.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Voice recognitions.
  • Will not turn on from outside noise.
  • Does not require you to have a remote.


  • Not ideal for smaller dogs.
  • High static shock levels may cause slight pain.


We are pretty big fans of the SportDOG Collar because it is one of the most effective bark collars we have come across. This thing will stop even the largest dogs from barking with a simple static shock. The progressive shocks get stronger the more your dogs bark, the whole thing is rugged and water proof, and the rechargeable battery makes it more convenient than every before.

5. YISCOR Dog Training Collar

This is an impressive dog training collar option to go with. The YISCOR Collar has different levels of shock and vibration, it is tough, water proof, ideal for all dogs, and can even be used for 2 dogs at once.


One of the most impressive aspects of the YISCOR Collar is that it can be used for 2 dogs at once. It features a durable and lightweight remote with a backlit LCD display, making it easy to carry and easy to read in darker conditions.

Moreover, the remote has 2 separate channels so you can actually control 2 separate collars at the very same time, thus allowing you to simultaneously train 2 dogs. The remote itself actually has a 300 yard signal distance, which is pretty far, so you never have to worry about your dog and the collar being out of range.

The YISCOR Training Collar comes with over 100 different levels of vibration and static shock. Light vibrations are ideal for dogs that are already somewhat trained, are small, and not that stubborn. On the other hand, bigger dogs with thick fur, ones with bad barking habits, or really stubborn dogs, might require a stronger static shock. This thing also comes with light and beep modes for a gentle reminder that your dog needs to be quiet.

It’s a great tool because you can choose between vibrations or shocks depending on the difficulty you are having with your dog. We like this thing because it can be used as an anti-barking tool and a training tool at the same time. The four different modes, beep, light, shock, and vibration can be used for a multitude of purposes and for any dog out there.

The highly adjustable collar strap of the YISCOR Dog Training Collar will fit virtually any dog so it’s never too tight or too loose. The collar and the remote also have smart memory features, plus they are energy saving as well so you don’t have to charge them as often. Yes, this thing used rechargeable batteries for your convenience. The collar itself is also extremely durable as well as water proof so you know that it will last you for a long time to come.


  • 2 channels for 2 collars.
  • 4 different correction modes.
  • Remote controlled.
  • 300 yard range.
  • Great for all sizes of dogs.
  • Durable and water proof.
  • Smart memory features.
  • Battery saving and rechargeable.


  • You always need to have the remote with you.


This collar is one of the better options we have come across.The four different correction modes ensure that you always have a tool at your disposal to train your dog and make it quick barking. The solid housing on the collar keeps internal components safe and free from water damage, the collar fits on virtually any dog, and the receiver has a 300 yard range for ultimate efficacy.

6. Good Boy Dog Bark Collar

A humane and effective method of stopping your dog from barking all of the time, the Good Boy Bark Collar is designed especially for smaller dogs. It’s tough, it works well, and it will definitely provide you with some peace and quiet.


The Good Boy Bark Collar is a really good option to go with, for one reason because it has a really durable and sleek design. The collar is pretty small and is great for small sized dogs, plus the vibration box itself is very sleek so it does not get in the way of your dog’s normal activities. The whole thing is quite durable and meant to be able to withstand the rough and tumble lifestyle of an active dog. This thing can take a serious beating without risk of breaking, something which every dog owner can definitely appreciate.

This is a self-activating collar, which means that you don’t need a remote for it to work. It’s convenient because you don’t have to be around to constantly press a button when your dog barks. As soon as your dog starts barking, The Good Boy Bark Collar will begin to beep and vibrate. This is shown to be very effective at getting dogs to stop barking. It actually goes through a progressive series of buzzes that get stronger and beeps that get louder the more your dog barks.

They will stop barking pretty quick to avoid the annoying buzz and beep which the Good Boy Bark Collar creates. The collar begins with several warning beeps, followed by vibrations which get stronger and stronger. No worries, because the vibrations are not painful, but definitely annoying enough to interrupt your dog’s barking. There are 5 levels of vibration which this thing cycles through until your dog finally stops barking.


  • Automatic bark recognition.
  • No button or remote needed.
  • Ideal for small and medium sized dogs.
  • Very durable.
  • Good looking and sleek design.
  • Various levels of vibration and beeping.


  • Not ideal for large dogs.
  • Might not work on older dogs with severe barking habits.
  • Is not water proof.


All in all, this is a very good bark collar option to go with. It is very effective at its job, especially for smaller dogs. The Good Boy Bark Collar is a humane way of making your dog quit that infernal baring through simple beeps and vibrations, none of which cause them any pain or serious discomfort. It’s durable, it looks good, and it definitely works wonders.

7. Oternal® Electronic No Bark Control Dog Training Collar

Having problems with your dog’s unnecessary barking fits? Then it’s time to make use of the best bark collar available for your dog.

The Oternal Electronic No Bark Training Collar is the perfect partner to solve your dog’s incessant barking habits. Stop their meaningless barking habits with an anti bark device that’s worth more than what you paid it for.


  • Deliver a safe warning beep and minor shock (which acts as the stimulus) to your dog whenever they bark.
  • Contains 7 corrective stages where the stimulus gradually increases until your dog stops barking completely.
  • Noise sensitivity switch, for a more efficient detection of your dog’s barking sounds.
  • Has a replaceable 6V battery
  • Has a nylon strap adjustable for dogs from small, medium, large breeds.
  • Device is not waterproof and is a lightweight receiver.
  • Effective for use with dogs weighing 30-120 lbs.


Get maximum benefit out of a product that’s worth more than what you paid it for. Let Oternal No bark training collar speak for itself and prove how effective it is in stopping or minimizing your dog’s non-stop barking habits.

Train your dogs to become the dogs you intended them to be by partnering them up with a quality product that can work to train and discipline them well. The device is easy to set up and it comes with all the things you will need to make it work. Comes complete with extra batteries, this is a device that’s sure to stand the test of time.


The device seems to have fallen a bit too short in a few pet owners’ expectations concerning durability. The fact that it is neither waterproof nor resistant has not been overlooked by a few critics. Others have noted that the device seems to have an overly sensitive sensor that sometimes sends off a warning signal without having the dog’s actually bark at all.


While there have been a few voiced out criticisms about the product, the benefits you gain and the peace of mind achieved because of the product’s quality is not something that can be easily ignored. Its quality performance and delivery have proven itself a priceless partner especially for dogs with bad barking behaviors.

8. Vastar Dog No Bark Collar Electric Anti Bark Shock Control

Having problems making your dog stop from its barking? Worried that your neighbors will complain about it? Keep all these problems at bay by making use of a no bark collar that can help train and discipline your dogs in no time.


  • Upgraded model to increase sensitivity sounds, to detect barking sounds easily.
  • Improved features that will guarantee longer service lifetime.
  • Generates a harmless warning beep that will slightly shock your dog whenever it barks.
  • This stimulation goes through 7 gradually increasing intensity levels that will signal your dogs to stop barking.
  • Noise sensitivity adjustments to adjust according to your dog’s size.
  • Contains replaceable low power consuming batteries for longer use.
  • Perfect for dogs weighing at least 15-120 pounds.
  • Not recommended for puppies since the shock applied may be too strong for them to take.


Perfect for dogs living in urban areas, dogs that have bad barking habits can now be tamed and trained to practice proper discipline. Limit your dog’s barking fits by making use of anti-bark dog collars that will signal your dogs to stop from barking unnecessarily. The device has been carefully engineered to effectively execute its purpose without causing any possible harm to your dogs.


Some feedback from pet owners who used this brand of dog collar expressed their concern regarding the effectiveness of decreasing their dog’s barking habits. Some have expressed concern about how there seems to be only a little change concerning their dog’s barking habits. A few dogs seem to have developed resistance to the device. While this may be what other dogs must have experienced, this however does in no way discredit the credibility and quality of this collar.


Considering both the pros and the cons, Vastar’s no bark dog collar good for dogs weighing 15-20 pounds is worth more than what you’ll be paying it for. The product’s improved model is set to provide you with an improved service that’s guaranteed to last you through the years. It has an increased sound sensitivity feature that enables the device to easily detect your dog’s barking sounds. For its price and its quality, this is certainly a product that you won’t regret purchasing for your dogs. The product is set to make your household feel more at peace while all the while training your dogs to become the well-behaved best buddies they were expected to be.

9. Bark Solution Collar Training System

Experience a life changing device that’s set to transform your dog’s behavior at home. Reduce the unnecessary barking your dog makes by making use of a training device that will help correct their actions.

No-bark dog collars provide a humane and respectable way of teaching your dogs to behave. By having an anti bark dog collar, you can train your dogs to behave properly in no time.


  • Anti bark dog collar device that helps reduce your dog’s unnecessary barking.
  • Device sends a harmless warning beep and a shock every time he/she barks that signals your dog to stop the barking.
  • Contains7 correction levels that can be adjusted in terms of sensitivity to noise and intensity of the shock being delivered to your dogs.
  • Contains receiver and a 6-volt battery that can be replaced once consumed.
  • The device is not recommended for puppies below 8 pounds because the product may be too strong for them to endure.


Make a difference in training your dogs and in encouraging your dogs towards proper behavior by making use of an anti-bark collar that works to reduce your dog’s unnecessary barking.

Break their bad barking habits by administering a training system that will help them associate with the barking act itself. Each beep and shock is designed to remind your dog that barking excessively and unnecessarily is a behavior that is highly discouraged.


Some pet owners expressed concerns that an effective dog bark collar might entirely discourage their dogs from barking completely. This could be a minor effect that can be expected once you make use of an anti bark device.

Make sure to use it sparingly and accordingly. Use it until such a time that you are able to discipline your dogs to reduce their excessive barking habits.


An effective dog collar made from good quality materials is surely set to last for long in your household. Make the most out of your anti bark device and maximize its use on your dog by backing it up with hands-on training and discipline on your dog.

Overall, the quality is so effective and easy to use you’ll see results almost immediately after use.

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