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Dogtra YS300 Dog Collar

Maybe you’ve heard about bark collars, but never really got to know them much. A bark collar is a device that aims to put a stop to a dog’s nuisance barking. The unit is often placed in a dog collar-like device and from there, produces a prompt that holds a dog back from barking in the form of low-level shock, a series of vibrations, or a beeping noise. Some bark collars even give off a quick, harmless spray of citronella oil. These items are safe and will not harm your pet, in fact, it will train them not to...

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Dogtra YS500 Bark Collar

Are you tired and concerned of your pet’s dog’s ceaseless barks in the night? Is your dog’s nocturnal habit becoming a nuisance to your slumber? Then maybe it’s time that you check out and try an anti-bark collar. An anti-bark collar is capable of distinguishing a dog’s bark by sensing the vibrations in the pet’s vocal chords. When this happens, the collar gives off a noise or shock, alerting the dog of the outcome that will happen if the dog barks again. Most devices are adjustable and will fit comfortably around a dog’s neck. One example of a no-bark...

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DOGTEK No Bark Citronella Spray for Dogs

The constant barking of dogs can be a nuisance not only to the household, but also to the entire neighborhood. To curb this issue, bark collars are recommended to control your dog’s problem. One example of this is Dogtek’s No Bark Citronella Spray for Dogs. This citronella spray is automated thus it works the instant your dog begins to yap without the interference of dog owners. The whole package includes a no-bark spray unit, a refill container of citronella spray, a 6-volt battery, and an adjustable nylon strap. Features It fits dogs 3 kilograms and over Harmless and effective...

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