Excessive barking is one of the most common problems that dog owners face, as almost 35% of pet owners made reports about this issue. This problem is not just a problem that involves you and your family, but rather, this is an issue where your community can be involved.

Urban cities tend to have houses that live within proximity and thus having problems about your dog’s excessive barking noise is an issue that involves even your neighbors.

There is simply no quick fix solution to this issue, despite that certain measures can be taken to minimize and lessen the problem. One helpful solution to this problem is to make use of bark collars that work on your dogs.

These anti-bark devices are extremely helpful to train your dogs to observe proper behavior.

What is a no-bark collar and how does it work?

An anti-bark collar is a type of training device used to curb stubborn and unwanted behaviors from dogs, particularly the excessive barking issue. Since the 1960s, this device has been used to train family dogs to behave properly.

These devices are never intended to serve as a punishment for your dogs, but rather it is intended to serve as a deterrent that will help train your dogs and remove their negative behavior practices.

Anti-bark collars or shock collars deliver a stimulus that will help break off your dog’s concentration from barking and distract them to a sensation that will help them associate as a warning.

Once your dog barks, a minor shock or a warning sound that is set to a frequency that can distract your dog is delivered. This, in turn will create a warning pattern system that your dogs can associate to the barking act.

A certain level of safe discomfort is administered until they stop barking to help your dogs associate it with the unwanted behavior. Rest assured, that the shock that is administered through the device is perfectly harmless and is guaranteed not to inflict any lasting damages on your dog.

Almost all of these shock collars have an adjustable dial that you can set according to the intensity needed to reprimand your dog’s bad behavior accordingly.

These shock collars capture the sound released by your dog and respond to it by administering a stimulus that gradually increases in intensity until your dogs stop barking. A remote control may be included to help owners to administer a minor shock once an unwanted behavior is displayed.

Understanding how shock collars or bark collars work is only the basics; knowing some of its intended purpose is also crucial in order to understand how you will be able to maximize their potential in terms of training your dogs properly.

Here are the most common uses for shock collars:

Bark Control

Using these shock collars as a means of training your dogs to behave properly and reduce their aggressiveness is extremely helpful in addressing the noise problem usually associated with dogs barking.

This is probably one of the most humane, effective and practical ways to help reduce your dog’s incessant barking.

Disciplining dogs to stay within the set boundaries (containment)

Collars like this can also be used to help train your dogs to stay only within the designated area. It serves also as an invisible fence that can help contain your dogs and restrict them from wandering off your area.

Modifying behavior by deterring them from bad behavior

Making use of bark collars is an effective way of encouraging good behavioral actions. These training collars can be used to limit your dog’s unwanted behavior and at the same time encourage positive animal behavior.

It is an excellent tool to warn off and deter your dog from committing behaviors that are unwanted by creating a form of distraction through the stimulus delivered to your dog.

Types of Bark Collars

Just like the name suggests, these types of collars send out vibrating motions that can distract your dogs from barking. Once its sensors detect a certain level of sound from your dog, it will deliver a vibrating action much similar to your phone’s vibrating mode.

Ultrasonic Collars

These collars make use of a high-pitched sound that is set to a frequency that is quite uncomfortable for a dog’s sensitive hearing. This is set to distract your dogs and divert their attention from barking excessively.

These types of devices administer a mild electric shock once it detects a barking sound on your dog. The shock gives your dog a warning shock that will signal it to stop from making any further more sounds. This shock gradually increases up to a certain level until your dog stops barking completely.

Whatever problems you may have dealing with your dog, make sure to use bark collars that work and accompany this device with a one on one training and guidance.

Your relationship also matters when you’re disciplining your dog. These devices will be extremely helpful up to a certain point, but your hands on guidance and quality time spent with your dog is your best solution.

So make these devices count by being involved and being proactive with your dog.