Fleas are a huge nuisance and that is true for both dogs and us human owners. The little buggers are itchy, the can cause allergic reactions, they feast on blood, and the sight of thousands of fleas is simply disgusting. Nobody wants to have a flea infestation. Unfortunately, these little critters can be quite hard to get rid of once and for all. What is also unfortunate is that going to a veterinarian means paying through the nose for something that you can find online.

Luckily, there are some good flea and tick pills for dogs out there which are available online, ones that can either ward off fleas from getting on your dog or killing the ones that are there already. Some people like flea collars, shampoos or topically applied solutions, but these ones we review today are ingested, they are safe, and they don’t cause any mess or odor either. Let’s take a look at some top contenders for the best flea and tick pill for dogs.

What We Think Are The Best Flea And Tick Pills For Dogs

Let’s take a look at our top pick in terms of flea and tick pills for dogs. This following one is is seen to be one of the very best preventative measures for fleas.

SENTRY Capguard (nitenpyram) Oral Flea Control Medication

This is a very fine solution to go with if your dog has lots of adult fleas on it. Now, what you should know right off the bat is that Sentry Capguard will not kill flea eggs or larvae, only adults. However, that being said, it does a very good job at killing adult fleas.

Sentry Capguard is shown to kill up to 50% of fleas within just the first 24 hours of administration, with the other 50% of the fleas being killed within the next 24 hours. It actually starts working within just 30 minutes, which is quite impressive no doubt. You will need to use this in combination with some other kind of preventative measure to prevent eggs from being laid and hatching, but this is a great solution for those pesky adult fleas.

Sentry Capguard is  recommended by veterinarians and is also FDA approved for both safety and efficacy. It’s a great solution because it does not produce a mess, it does not cause your dogs to smell, and it does not rub off on your or your furniture upon contact with the dog. Simply feed your dog Sentry Capguard up to once per day until all adult fleas are dead. This stuff is even safe for puppies and cats to use as well.


  • No mess, odor, or rubbing off.
  • Easy to administer.
  • FDA approved and vet recommended.
  • Kills all adult fleas.
  • Very fast acting.
  • Safe for dogs, puppies, and cats.


  • Not very long lasting.
  • Does not kill eggs/larvae.

How Do Flea And Tick Pills Work?

Well, there are actually 2 different options which we look at below. One of the options is more like a shield than anything else. They use special ingredients like specific mixes of vitamins which cause your dog to have a certain flea repelling odor. This odor will help to repel fleas, but it is not an odor that you can smell. These repellant options will get fleas off of your dog and keep them from coming back for a certain period of time. However, these options are often short lived and need to be administered regularly for fleas to stay away.

The other option is a strict flea killing option. These are pills that add a slight chemical or natural additive to your dog’s blood. So when fleas bite your dog, the blood they eat will actually kill them. Now, you need to be aware that the options we are looking at here are not meant to kill flea eggs or stop them from hatching. They only kill adult fleas. This can be a big issue, an issue that is very hard to solve because flea eggs are very resilient to most treatments.

Do They Work If My Dog Already Has Flea’s Or Ticks?

Strictly speaking, yes they will work to a certain degree. The repellants will force the current adult fleas to leave your dog, while the killers will simply kill the existing fleas on your dog. However, since these options rarely kill flea eggs, new fleas can hatch on your dog, ones that will once again infest your dog.

The preventative measures are great for keeping fleas away if your dog does not already have them. The repellants work well to get rid of fleas and keep them away, but not to kill them. The killers work well to kill fleas, but not to keep them away over the long run. If your dog already has fleas or ticks, a combination of various measures is required to totally eradicate the problem.

Best Way To Give Dogs The Tablets?

Some tablets are flavored, making it easy to give to your dog because it will simply eat them. Of course, many pills are not flavored or chewable, making administration quite difficult.
Most dogs will just spit the pills out, which is obviously a problem. We find the best way to feed flea pills to dogs is to simply wrap them in some kind of cheese or deli meat. Your dog will never even know there was a pill wrapped in that piece of ham by the time it swallows that delicious meat.

There is of course the rougher and less attractive option of opening your dog’s mouth and simply forcing the pill down. Once you get the pill far enough back into the dog’s mouth, the swallowing reflex will kick in and your dog will have no choice but to swallow it.

4 Other Options We Also Like: Reviews

In case the first option we looked at does not suit your needs, you can also look at some of the other flea and tick pill options for dogs listed below.

Flea Away Chewable Tablets

If you need a good option to repel fleas, ticks, and mosquitos, Flea Away Chewable Tablets are a good option in our opinion. This is a good choice to think about if repelling fleas and other bugs is your main goal. You do need to be aware that Flea Away Chewable Tablets only repel fleas and other bugs, but they do not kill them, neither adults nor eggs. These pills will get rid of fleas within a couple of weeks and get them off of your dog, but it won’t kill any of them.

That being said, we do like Flea Away Chewable Tablets because they are all natural and do not contain any chemicals. They are made of a special combination of vitamins and other natural ingredients that are proven to keep ticks, fleas, and mosquitos at bay. It’s perfectly safe for your dogs to ingest and does not leave any residue anywhere either. These tablets cause your dog to have a specific odor that repels fleas, an odor that is not detectable by our human noses.

Something else which this particular option is good for is for helping your dogs deal with allergic reactions to flea bites. These tablets help to control the horrible itchiness caused by fleas. All you need to do is give your dog the recommended daily dosage, which depends on size, in order to see the full effects of Flea Away Chewable Tablets.


  • Works as a great repellant.
  • Quick acting.
  • Safe and natural.
  • Helps relieve itchiness.
  • Odor is not detectable by human noses.
  • Does not leave residue.


  • Does not kill adult fleas or eggs.
  • Needs to be administered daily.

2. PetArmor 6 Count FastCaps

This one is a not a repellant, but a killing machine. One single dose of PetArmor FastCaps will kill 90% of fleas within 4 hours of administration, with the rest being killed within the next couple of hours. This particular option starts working within 30 minutes of your dog eating the pills. Yes, PetArmor FastCaps do start working in a very short amount of time, but they also offer long lasting protection too. This option can help to kill all of the fleas on your dog for up to 1 whole week just from a single dose.

All of that being said these will not kill flea eggs or repel adult fleas, but it will kill the fleas once they get on your dog. We do like this option because it is easy to administer and does not cause a mess, plus it does not cause any foul odors either. These are perfectly safe for all dogs above 25 pounds in weight and over 4 weeks old. It is also safe for pregnant and nursing dogs, which is a big bonus for many people.


  • Kills all adult fleas.
  • Quick acting and fairly long lasting.
  • Easy to administer.
  • No messes or odors.
  • Safe for most dogs.


  • Does not repel fleas or kill eggs.

3. Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs

This is a very simple yet effective adult flea killing solution. Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets start working within just 30 minutes of administration, which is quite impressive no doubt. Moreover, all of the adult fleas on your dog should be dead within 4 hours of administration. This option is also a good choice for cats, but it takes closer to 6 hours for all adult fleas to die.
Novartis Capstar comes with 6 tablets, each of which is a full dose.

Moreover, if the problem is really bad, you can safely give a single tablet to your dog up to once per day until the adult fleas are all dead. Keep in mind that this is not a preventative measure and will not keep new fleas from infesting your dog once the current critters are dead. Simply feed these tablets to your dog any way you see fit, probably wrapped in a piece of ham or cheese works the best. Novartis Capstar Tablets are ideal for all dogs over 25 pounds.


  • Works really fast.
  • Will kill all adult fleas.
  • Can be administered once per day.
  • Simple to administer.
  • Ideal for dogs over 25 pounds.


  • Does not prevent new fleas from coming onboard.
  • Not a long term solution.

4. Advantus Flea Soft Chews

Something that your dog will like about this particular option is that Advantus Flea Soft Chews are flavored to taste good. In other words, you don’t need some kind of treat or piece of cheese to actually get your dog to eat them. This makes administration of these soft chews about as easy as can be. It is a great option to go with if killing adult fleas is your main goal.
This is a very fast acting formula that will start killing adult fleas in just a matter of minutes. All adult fleas should be dead within just a few hours after administration.

Advantus Flea Soft Chews can be given to your dog up to once per day until all adult fleas are dead. That being said you need to be aware that this option does kill adult fleas, but it does not prevent them from coming back, nor does it kill flea eggs. This stuff is perfectly safe for your dog to ingest as long as the dog is over 25 pounds in weight and over 10 weeks old.


  • Kills fleas fast.
  • Can be administered once per day.
  • Safe for dogs over 25 pounds/10 weeks.
  • Good flavor – dogs generally like them.


  • Not preventative.
  • Does not kill flea eggs.


Fleas and ticks are very annoying, they are uncomfortable, and they can cause some serious problems too. To ensure the health and safety of both you and your pets, you need a good flea repellant and/or flea killer (you can also use a special collar). Don’t let your dog’s suffer under a terrible flea infestation because it’s not good for them or you. We would definitely recommend checking out one of the above options before being taken to the cleaners by a veterinarian.