The constant barking of dogs can be a nuisance not only to the household, but also to the entire neighborhood. To curb this issue, bark collars are recommended to control your dog’s problem. One example of this is Dogtek’s No Bark Citronella Spray for Dogs.

This citronella spray is automated thus it works the instant your dog begins to yap without the interference of dog owners. The whole package includes a no-bark spray unit, a refill container of citronella spray, a 6-volt battery, and an adjustable nylon strap.


  • It fits dogs 3 kilograms and over
  • Harmless and effective citronella spray
  • Lightweight device
  • Collar suits up to 61-centimeter neck sizes
  • Includes a user guide


This anti-bark spray functions on the majority of canines, and it can suit even bigger mutts. The collar is capable of fitting dogs with neck sizes up to 61 centimeters (24 inches).

Other similar products being sold can only accommodate up to 20 inches. It features a quick-snap collar, so removing it is pretty simple.

The unit can operate instantly, spraying its citronella vapors whenever the dog barks, and it will not need the involvement of dog owners. It also employs the use of a single sensor and a microphone to perceive the barking sounds.

One user said that the product was a miracle worker and that her dogs have grasped the workings of the product and have since learned how to control their barking.


However, there were groups of users as well who were not satisfied with the unit. There were several users however who have shared that the unit might be overly hefty for smaller dogs.

There were also users who have criticized that they were squirted with the citronella vapors when they refilled its reservoir, or even while replacing the battery.

One user agreed to this particular complaint and added that after refilling, the unit became sensitive. It sprayed her dog whenever her pet moved.

The unit’s sole sensor was capable of picking up other kinds of noises such as other dogs barking, and it squirts the vapors to the dogs even when they were not making any sound.

According to another customer, it does not spray a minuscule amount of citronella and in fact, sprays on too much which can be a waste since the refill costs as much as the unit itself.

Some users agreed that because of its overly-sensitive attributes, the product is not a good training aid for any dog.


Most of the pet owners who have tested the unit agreed that Dogtek’s No Bark Citronella Spray for Dogs worked quite well, but regardless of the praises it gathered, it also earned a good number of complaints.

For many users, the unit was way too sensitive; it picked up the sounds of other barking dogs and sprayed too much of the stuff, which is inefficient and will cost extra. It was faulty in a sense that it even gave off citronella vapors during battery replacements and refills.

You can try out any anti-bark spray other than this product, or make use of other kinds of collars. You can look for an ultrasonic bark collar, which employs a high-pitched sound that only dogs can hear to lessen your pooch’s barking.

Bark collars are good training gear for pet owners who do not have sufficient time to train their dogs, and collar type that employs sound to assuage your dog issues is also guaranteed safe to use for your dogs.

Remember to choose one that fits your dog’s neck to prevent him from scratching or doing damage to himself or the unit. You might also like our post on on grooming clippers.