Are you tired and concerned of your pet’s dog’s ceaseless barks in the night? Is your dog’s nocturnal habit becoming a nuisance to your slumber? Then maybe it’s time that you check out and try an anti-bark collar.

An anti-bark collar is capable of distinguishing a dog’s bark by sensing the vibrations in the pet’s vocal chords. When this happens, the collar gives off a noise or shock, alerting the dog of the outcome that will happen if the dog barks again.

Most devices are adjustable and will fit comfortably around a dog’s neck. One example of a no-bark or anti-bark collar is Dogtra’s YS500 model, and this article will discuss its notable features and disadvantages.


  • Suits large to extra-large dogs (50 lbs or more)
  • Has seven intensity levels from Low to High Power
  • Comes with a 2-second delay safety feature
  • Includes stainless steel material to reduce chafing and irritation to the skin
  • Perceives vibration from dog’s vocal chords through a specific microphone system
  • 200-gram overall collar weight
  • LED battery life indicator
  • Fully-waterproof model
  • Includes test tool


The YS500 is built for bigger dogs as is with the company’s YS series of collars. It is substantial regarding weight and is big in size so that it will easily fit dogs with a weight of around 30 pounds.

Its advanced size merges functionality to discourage dogs from barking too much, and it has an integrated vibration sensor with a rechargeable battery.

The vibration sensor perceives a bark in your pet dog’s vocal chords, unlike the brand’s YS300, which features a sound sensor. Many users find a vibration sensor to be more efficient and convenient.

The vibration sensor is less likely to sense false alarms coming from background noises. Another advantage of the product is that it allows testing, which is helpful for those who are new to the whole collar business.

The unit features seven adjustment levels, and even the lowest level will work effectively for your dog.

It includes a progressive mode function to intensify or decrease levels in an instant, depending on your pet’s behavior or the owner’s training preference. The device has a simple On/Off function and is also waterproof.

Another advantage of the product is the addition of a rechargeable battery. This rechargeable battery will save money because users will not need to buy replacement batteries.

The unit includes a niMH battery which can last for a good two weeks before it requires charging. Charging the battery takes 10 hours to become fully charged.


The device does not include lengthy probes, unlike some models. Users will have to buy a longer probe if that is their preference.

Also, some dogs might not be that accommodating with the product because of the vibration functions, but so far these functions are tolerable and will not harm the dog.


If you cannot stand your pet dog’s barking at night, and your neighbors are complaining about it as well, maybe it is time to consider a bark collar as part of pet training.

It will help you deal with and control your pet’s persistent yapping issues. This collar will benefit pet owners who have yet to come up with a good solution to keep this issue under control.

The Dogtra YS500 model makes use of a receiver that is installed on the training collar to acquire vibrations coming from your dog’s vocal chords. The dog will receive a stimulus that will put a stop to the barking. The unit provides seven different levels to accommodate your pet’s training requirements.

It features middle to higher power functions plus seven levels of intensity which start low and go up to high. It includes a simple dial with On/Off options, and is also waterproof and rechargeable.

This collar is a rather suitable investment if you have a dog with problematic barking. It is well-designed, harmless, humane, and will work effectively.