If you have a dog, you might be familiar with the whimpering, shaking, and total anxiety that they can get from various things. As dog owners, we know that one of the biggest stress and anxiety causing things for little Fido is thunder. 

Whenever our little four legged friend hears those big thunder claps he starts to shake in fear, yelp, hide under the table, and if we are really lucky, he urinates all over the ground too (we have covered carpet cleaning here).

Well, one solution that we have found to be fairly effective is the thunder jacket. 

So, how does a thunder jacket help to relieve anxiety in dogs which is caused by things like thunder, fireworks, and other sources of stress?

What Is A Thunder Jacket?

A thunder jacket is a special little jacket that you can get for dogs and cats. The purpose of it is to relieve stress and anxiety. It is almost like a little rain or winter jacket for dogs, but instead of keeping them warm and dry, it keeps them feeling safe and secure. 

It is almost like a little security blanket that little children like to carry around.

This is one of the most highly preferred solutions to help get rid of noise related fears in dogs. One of the reasons why people like it so much is because it is non-medical and does not require any medication to be fed to the dogs.

How Does A Thunder Jacket For Dogs Work?

Well, a thunder jacket for dogs works by giving them a sense of security and safety. These thunder jackets are specially designed to be just a little too tight. No, they won’t suffocate your dog or cat, but they do help to apply some pressure from the top, the sides, and the bottom. 

This seems to be very useful for treating anxiety in dogs. The compression and pressure which is applied to dogs helps them to feel safe and secure.

If you have not noticed, dogs like to be in dog houses that are just a little bigger than they are. Also, they like to be near walls a lot, near sofas, or under tables. 

This is kind of the same thing. Having something close by that provides some pressure and acts as a barrier to the outside world, can go a long way in relieving noise related anxiety in dogs. For dogs with more serious anxiety issues, just a thunder jacket may not be enough, but it is certainly a great start.


If your dog suffers from some sort of anxiety, such as from fireworks, lighting, thunder, and other loud noises, a thunder jacket might just be the solution to helping them live a calmer and happier life. 

Dogs are our best friends, so it only makes sense that we do our very best to give them the best quality of life that we can manage. You should definitely heck out these thunder jackets because they can indeed work miracles.