All dogs bark, and it is considered a normal behavior among canines. Barking is also one of the ways that dogs communicate. Dogs bark for some reasons, and these reasons are normal.

However, at times, the barking can get persistent and unsuitable, and at worst, might become a habit.

What are the solutions that will solve your pet dog’s persistent barking? This issue has its effects, and they can range from bothering you, your family and your neighbors, to getting in the way of your pet’s training routine.

Dog owners who are facing this issue can make use of a bark collar to get rid of the dog’s unnecessary barking. The majority of bark collars are safe to use not only for the dog who wears it, but for other dogs in the area since the stimuli are made active only by the dog that was sporting the device.

There are some collars on the market that are capable of controlling such behavior, however, not any of those devices speak to the original cause of the continuous yapping.

As mentioned previously, dogs bark for quite a few reasons like from a territorial standpoint, or plain fear. Despite the fact that the device might decrease a pet’s barking, it will not decrease the tension that induces the dog to produce those sounds.


The device features a sound that is produced whenever the dog barks. This sound can only be heard by the dog.


The dog’s bark brings about a spray of air or citronella on the dog, which cuts in on the dog’s barking. However, a few spray collars do not act in response to higher-pitched barks, which makes them unsuccessful.

Also, this type of collar should not be used by dog owners who have several dogs in the house because the bark of other dogs around might stimulate the device.


Considered as the least humane because it produces an electric shock to the dog whenever he or she barks. It provides varying degrees of an electrical stimulus, and some models allow dog owners to modify the levels of the device’s sensitivity.

The success of the device is credited to the reality that your pet dog grasps to correlate his barking behavior with the disagreeable adjustment and will put a halt on that particular behavior to avoid said consequence.

The majority of bark collars are water-resistant, but if you live in particularly wet locations or areas where the dog could end up wet or immersed in water, a waterproof model is recommended.

For dog owners who want to buy the device for their pet, please keep this list of factors in mind to guarantee good results:

Use a comfortable collar

Be sure that the collar that you are going to put on your pet is comfortable, particularly if you are planning on putting it on the dog for some time.

Take time to pick up what model is the most comfortable and will prove to be less likely to frustrate your dog. The training will not be successful if your pet will not put up with its functions.

Every dog is different

Know that every dog is distinctive and will react in a different way to a range of stimulation. If, for example, you have a dog that is somewhat composed and nonaggressive, a device that will not produce electrical stimuli like a spray or ultrasonic model is enough.

Consider the surroundings

Suit a device’s functions or features to the surroundings that your dog lives in. If you have other dogs around, an ultrasonic or spray model might not work for your pet dog.

Read online reviews

Read reviews online and look to them as references while looking for a model. There are companies who have their websites featuring their products.

Read the products’ specifications then know what other dog owners think about them. There are plenty of unbiased reviews online where customers who have bought a certain product share their views and testimonials about it.

Compare prices

Measure up prices that you see online and in brick and mortar stores around your area. Resident pet stores and veterinarian clinics often charge more for bark collars than online companies.

However, if you want to purchase a product online, make sure that you read the shipping expenses first because it can add up to the product’s total price.