If you’re having problems with your dog’s nonstop barking, it may be time to make use of the best bark collar available in the market. The Oternal Electronic No Bark Control Dog Training Collar is the perfect solution to solving your dog’s bad barking habits that can disrupt any peaceful neighborhood in no time.


  • High quality electronic anti-bark dog collar that delivers a harmless warning tone and a minor shock to your dog whenever it barks in order to reduce unnecessary noise
  • This stimulus goes through 7 corrective levels that gradually increase as the dog continues to persist in barking
  • The process will continue on until the dog stops barking for at least thirty seconds. Once it exceeds the 7th level, the device will automatically hibernate in order to protect your dog
  • Includes noise sensitivity switch. Adjust the device’s sensitivity to sound, in order to detect your dog’s barking sound more efficiently
  • Device is not waterproof and is a lightweight receiver
  • Contains a replaceable 6V battery
  • Includes a quality red nylon strap (29.5 in. length)
  • Most effective for dogs that weigh around 30-120 lbs
  • Not recommended for use on puppies as the shock stimulation may be a bit too strong for them


Find the most efficient yet effective way to stop your dog’s incessant barking with Oternal Anti-bark Dog training Collar for dogs that weigh around 30-120 pounds.

Make a difference in your neighborhood by preventing the excessive noise that dogs usually make by barking. This device’s microprocessor has been engineered to distinguish your dog’s barking voice from other external noises and to instantly deliver a warning beep and shock that will signal your dog to stop barking.

The gradually increasing stimulus serves as your dog’s warning signal and a reminder to cease barking immediately. Compared to tying your dogs outside or placing them in a cage, this is the better option for training and disciplining your dogs.

Straight out of the box, the collar is very easy to set up and it comes with everything that you will need including the collar itself, the shock/beep box, direction manual, screwdriver and extra batteries.

It also comes with four long-lasting batteries that you can use one at a time, which will guarantee that you can use the device for longer before running out of supplies.

This dog bark collar is set to function well, so simply follow the instruction manual and note the guidelines included as well. Make sure you have an overview of how effective the collar will be once it’s operational.

The device has a sensitivity control that lets you adjust how the device will be able to capture the sounds from the environment, which will enable the device to easily capture your dog’s barking voice.

Initially, it may look like just any of those regular dog collars but add in its special device and you’ve got the best bark collar available with Oternal’s Electronic No bark training collar.

It’s your perfect partner for dogs that weigh at least 30-120 pounds. Pet owners can have the assurance that dogs of different sizes are safe while using this dog bark collar. It’s easy to set up and has an easily adjustable intensity level for the shock execution to accommodate the size of your dog.


All products are set to have a criticism of their own. This goes for Oternal’s Electronic anti bark training collar as well.

This device has a control switch to help you manipulate the sensitivity level of the device. Take extra caution where you set it. Some pet owners have commented that their dogs have become confused after a warning beep sounds caused by a simple shake of its head.

The device’s high sensitivity to external noise can cause the alarm to switch on suddenly, which may in turn cause a bit of confusion on the part of your dogs.

Also, the fact that this device is not water-proof has not escaped a few of the users’ criticism about the device.

Though, the great thing about this device is that it comes with spare batteries that will help your dogs make use of the device for longer; the only concerns a few users have is the location of the battery compartment right under the collar.

This location makes it more difficult to remove the case. Others find the device’s inability to recharge to be one of the causes of their dissatisfaction.


Overall, the Oternal Electronic No Bark Control Dog Training Collar is still the best bark collar available out there; it is such a great product with a number of beneficial features and a price that’s practical considering its purpose and functionality.

Despite a few negative comments about this product, its quality performance and execution proves that it is valuable for every pet owner whose dogs have bad barking habits.