Finding a good dog collar is not easy. Ideally, people want a collar that will keep the dog from barking without hurting it. They also want the color to be appropriate and work on dogs of all sizes. You can check the current price of the K9 Collar here.

The Our K9 Red Bark Collar can help train even the most stubborn dogs. This collar has a static shock to stop the dog barking. Collars range in size from small to large. This collar will help keep dogs from barking without harming them.


The K9 bark collar has many advantages. These include:

  • Safety. There is a light shock when the pet barks. It will not hurt the dog but will work as a train cue. This collar was not designed to cause pain but to train.
  • This collar will allow the dog to know that it is okay to bark. If someone is walking by the home the dog should bark at them. The collar will help stop excessive barking. After the dog barks two times there is a warning that the collar gives off. Only if the dog continues to bark will the shock feature correct this behavior.
  • The collar comes with everything that someone may need for training purposes. There is a complete manual as well as training video.
  • There are a number of different size collars. One collar will fit a dog as small as four pounds. Others that will fit a dog up to 100 pounds. All of the collars will fit properly. There are nine different sizes to choose from. The collars are functional and comfortable.
  • The collars come with a one year warranty. A person can also try it risk free for 30 days. There are three extra training books to help owners included with these collars.
  • The collar will give off a sound to the dog as a warning. This will help train the dog to stop barking before a shock is produced
  • This collar is safe to use on the skin as well as the hair of dogs. There are no negative effects of using this collar in the short term or long term.
  • This collar is even safe to use on puppies.


  • Not every customer that has used this training collar has been happy with the results. There are some aspects of this collar that need improvement.
  • Customers have reported that the instructions did not fully explain how to use the collar and did have all of the information that they were looking for.
  • Others have stated that the vibrating feature of this collar did not work.
  • There have been reports of the collar not working on the dog and the dog continuing to bark.
  • This collar may work better on dogs with short hair and is not as effective on dogs that have longer hair.

Overall the K9 bark collar is effective at helping dogs that barks excessively. This collar allows the dog to bark a couple of times as it is in the nature of the dog to bark at things, especially strangers. Once the dog has barked several times a warning will be issued.

If the dog ignores this warning only then will the shock feature activate. While the shock is designed to get the attention of the dog it will not hurt them. There are nine different collar sizes so people can find just the right one for their dog.


There are a few ways that pet owners can get dogs to stop barking excessively without the use of a shock collar. It is natural for dogs to bark but when this barking becomes excessive then the owner wants to take action.

There are some herbs such as scutellaria laterifolia that can be used to treat anxiety and nervous conditions in dogs. These herbs help decrease anxiety in dogs and therefore prevent excessive barking.

There is a jacket-like device known as the thunder vest that can be put on the dog to help reduce anxiety and barking. This vest will give the dog a secure feeling like it is being hugged. This will reduce anxiety as well as excessive barking. The dog will be comforted as well.

You can buy the K9 Collar here.



Overall the K9 Collar is effective at helping curb excessive barking. This collar comes in different sizes so that it can fit the dog comfortably and will not be too tight or too loose. This bark collar will deliver a shock but it will not cause pain to the dog. Overall the K9 Bark collar is effective at training dogs to stop barking excessively.

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