Worried about your dog’s non-stop barking habits? If you are, then you should try Ruibaolai’s Waterproof and Rechargeable Training collar remote and receiver that has a range of 330 yards.

It comes with an adjustable collar that can fit dogs weighing 15-100 lbs. Reduce your dog’s barking by making use of a safe and harmless system that can teach your dogs to behave properly.

Each bark is warned off by a stimulus which involves a warning beep and a minor shock that gradually increases when barking is repeated. This provides your dogs with a warning system that alerts them that their barking corresponds to a certain shock system and in turn, discourages them from continuing to bark.


  • Rechargeable collar remote and receiving device to enable longer use
  • Waterproof feature that makes it perfect for dogs that love to go outside
  • Includes a training collar remote complete with an LCD that can have a range of up to 330 yards
  • The dog training collar comes with a feature that contains 100 levels of vibration and static shock warning system
  • Available in 4 functional modes including: static shock, vibration, beep and light
  • The device is durable and has an adjustable TPU strap suit that can accommodate dog sizes ranging from 15 to 100 pounds.
  • An intelligent and humane training system to effectively and safely teach your dogs to cease barking
  • Package includes the following:
  • Charger
  • Charging cable
  • Remote transmitter
  • Adjustable strapping belt
  • Test bulb
  • Collar receiver
  • 3 sets of metal probes


Dogs that live in closed or confined spaces have a higher tendency to become much more aggressive and territorial. They’re also the dogs most prone to having bad barking habits due to their aggressiveness.

This territorial attitude is often characterized by the dog’s incessant barking to unusual movements and every unknown passerby. Once they become use to this bad barking habit, it may be hard to control them afterward.

Some dog owners treat their dogs through punishment such as tying them on a leash, caging and in worst cases, spanking. Resorting to this treatment may be unproductive and will only cause your dog to have a higher aggression level that could result in an even worse dog than before.

This waterproof and rechargeable dog training collar that helps dogs break their bad barking habits are every pet owner’s dream solution.

Making use of anti-bark dog collars is not a cruel system of disciplining your dogs to make them stop barking, since each warning sound and vibrating shock signal is set to a tolerable and safe intensity that dogs weighing 15 to 100 pounds can perfectly handle well.

Ruibaolai’s rechargeable training collar features a remote and receiver that can have a range that reaches up to 330 yards, and it also has an adjustable strap suit for dogs of different weight and sizes.

Find yourself the best bark collar partner for your dogs, which will help reduce their barking noises without compromising their health at all.

The waterproof feature of this anti-bark dog collar is perfect for dogs who love going outdoors, it is also a perfect partner for training. It may take a while before your dog becomes accustomed to the stimulus, so be patient when dealing with your dog.


This waterproof and rechargeable dog training collar is an extremely helpful aid in helping reduce your dog’s nonstop barking. A number of pet owners who bought this product loved how effective the anti-bark dog collar is, although some discontent has been expressed about its waterproof quality.

Some pet owners have voiced out concerns that the receiver is unable to function after becoming wet and that the battery charge doesn’t really last that long as expected. No matter what criticisms made about it, remember to be objective about all the comments being provided.

Consider all the pros and cons carefully in order to gain an objective insight into the product’s features and effectiveness in delivering its intended purpose.


In totality, the Ruibaolai Waterproof and Rechargeable Training collar remote and receiver’s quality is undeniably favorable enough. The waterproof and rechargeable feature is enough to justify a purchase of this product.

Every shock and sound delivered to your dog after every bark is sure to send a message that will entirely help cease their incessant barking. Test and see for yourself the difference that it will make in your dog’s behavior and your neighborhood’s peace with one of the best bark collars available in the market.