Tired of your dog’s incessant barking? Train your dogs to behave properly and bark appropriately with Vastar’s new model of dog bark collar.

It features a new and improved model for improved service lifetime and stronger sensibility concerning your dog’s barking. Find the best bark collar you can to help tame your dog’s unyielding barking.


  • New model upgraded in terms sensibility, to help easily catch your dog’s barking
  • Improved structure for longer lifetime
  • Anti-bark collar sends harmless warning signal that slightly shocks the dog whenever it barks, acting as the stimulus that warns your dog
  • This stimulation goes through 7 levels, gradually increasing through each level until the dog stops for thirty seconds. Once it reaches the 7th level, the collar will temporarily stop working for about 1 minute in order to protect your dog
  • Can adjust sensitivity according to the size of the dog using the dog bark collar
  • Has a replaceable 6-volt battery to enable re-use
  • Low battery consumption to enable longer use
  • Effective for dogs weighing 15-120 pounds
  • Perfect for large breed dogs, but not recommended for puppies below 8 lbs
  • Stimulation may be a bit strong for small breeds or puppies


The Vastar’s new and improved model anti-bark collar helps to break your dog’s barking habits by delivering a shock after each bark as a signal to your dog to stop barking.

This technique is effective to help stop your dog’s unnecessary barking, without necessarily causing any harm to your dog. This new technique will help discipline and train your dogs to behave and to be quiet.

The dog bark collar works by issuing a short warning tone during the first bark that will warn your dog to stop. If a second bark happens within thirty seconds, a stronger tone is executed.

Upon the third bark, an even stronger tone is sounded along with a short mild shock. This will then be repeated through the 7 correction levels that gradually increase in intensity, sending out warnings to the dog to cease barking.

After it reaches the 5th level, a stronger tone and shock will be delivered until the dog stops. Once it reaches the 7th level, the device will automatically stop for a minute in order to protect your dog.

This technique is an effective way to remind your dogs to stop barking unnecessarily. This device’s warning tone can serve as a helpful reminder every time your dog barks.

By making use of a warning tone, the collar will create a system pattern that warns your dogs to stop barking unnecessarily.

This device is ideal for dogs living in urban areas, as the close proximity of the houses prohibits excessive noise. Pet-owners of this dog bark collar found it to be the perfect partner in aiding them in disciplining and training their dogs to behave.

Having a dog bark collar on hand helps dramatically decrease the bark that dogs produce without causing them harm and without totally prohibiting them from barking at all.

You’ll find that this best dog bark collar is not only as effective as promised but is also very pet-friendly, since the nylon cord can be adjusted perfectly according to the girth of your dog’s neck.

The vibration and the shock are adequate enough to send a strong signal without causing any pain or harm to your dog. This collar is every pet owner’s solution to his or her dog’s incessant barking!


Every product will have a few setbacks of its own, as some pet owners who’ve tried this brand on their dogs made comments about the collar’s efficacy in decreasing their dog’s barking habits.

Some dogs have proven to be resilient to the warning tone and shock even after every bark. This makes it much more difficult for pet owners to believe the credibility of the product’s claim.

Despite these claims, the dog collar’s quality is something that cannot be overlooked, as the collar is very well mad. The right use this dog bark collar, will go a long way in training and disciplining your dogs. For bigger dogs, you may need a stronger dog collar to accommodate for its size.


Despite all the criticisms thrown its way, Vastar’s No bark dog collar for dogs weighing 15-20 pounds still remains a product that’s worth trying out.

Compared to other brands, you won’t easily find a quality that can last you in for the long run. This brand’s improved model is made to provide you and your dog with an improved and a longer service.

This product’s enhanced sensitivity to your dog’s bark makes it even easier to send signals that will warn dogs to cease or reduce their barking altogether.

Considering the functionality of this device, its quality surely makes it worth its price. If you do need more options then we have covered our top 10 here.